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Greetings to all those who find themselves reading these words.  For us this is a time of major transitions and shifting in our reality.  This shift seems to be a theme in many peoples lives I have encountered in the recent months leading up this this coming Winter Solstice.  As the Mayan's prophesied, we are in a time of great change.  To me this seems like a perfect time to bring chapters to a close and begin new ones.  I feel that the universe is supporting these sort of transitions at this time.  With this momentum we have recently embraced two big transitions in our life.  We have moved on from our house in Bali, and we are in the midsts of relocating our business from Santa Rosa to our home base of Nevada City, CA.  For many years we have been honored to have a base in Bali to return to year after year.  But as times change and chapters close we have chosen to move on and let that house go.  We will still be returning often to the island of Bali to cultivate our designs and collaborate with the artisans that help create the clothing we offer to the world.  We live in deep gratitude for all the people in Bali who help us bring our creations out into the world, and for the island itself for offering us a home.
With great excitement we are also entering into a new phase with our base in the U.S.  After 8 years of having our business base in Santa Rosa we have moved our business to Nevada City, CA.  It was a crucial chapter in Santa Rosa, watching our business grow and flourish.  We had the amazing talents of Jill Bottomley, Jessica's sister, running the show while we relocated to Nevada City.  Thank you Jill for all of your dedication and hard work!  But now with the theme of simplifying and consolidating our energies we are in the process of setting up our new space in Nevada City.  So if you are ever passing through Nevada City or Grass Valley area please look us up.  We are happy to have visitors.  We will be setting up a retail element of our space that will be available by appointment.
We wish you all a happy and fulfilling December.  We hope you can find enjoyment with the people in your life and inspiration to make the shifts that need to happen.  May change be gentle and clear.  May peace be in your hearts and in your relations, and in this way affect peace in the world.  

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This is my favorite store in Nevada City. I Love the elegant dresses & skirts. I need to have a cold weather jacket! This is the place to go. I Love what you do.

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What a great story. I love your products, your smiles, and my skirt is AMAZING!! I was touched by the little note added to my shipment- yes, I do love it.

Blessings to you all- A

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