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Just in time for the Summer, we're launching our new Phoenix Rising Artists website!  The site was designed and developed by Adam Apollo at Jovan Thunder Design.  We'd love to hear your feedback, so leave us some comments below, and tell us what you think!

We have been hard at work on many levels to birth into reality the vision that is the updated Phoenix Rising Designs.  We are excited for this new site to be a way for us to interact more with all of you out there who love our clothing and feel a strong resonance to our work.  We welcome your thoughts and feedback...and would love to see pictures of all of you in our creations.  So please feel free to post here and also post your best photos of you rocking out in our clothing on our Facebook page so we can all see you in all of your glory..

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delighted to hear you are settling in nevada city. i love the beauty and quality phoenix rising represents. best of luck in your new home.

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