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We produce our line of clothing and accessories in Bali, Indonesia where we live for 6 months of every year. We have been working with the same family since 2001. We are very conscious about fair trade practices and keeping our impact on the environment as minimal as possible.  We spend much time working side by side with the artists who produce our designs. Our facility is generally filled with smiles, laughter, and positive vibes, which is a good sign that our producers are happy about the work they are doing. Great care is taken during the production process. All of the excess dye is put into an evaporation trough so as not to contaminate any groundwater or be dumped down the drain leading to local waterways.  All excess scraps of fabric are sewn together to create our Mozaic line of products which are made of 100% recycled fabric.

Batik is a traditional art form in Indonesia that we are happy to be helping to sustain within the culture.  We see our products as a fusion of our own artistic designs and their traditional batik methods.  We pay our workers generously because we believe in the quality of work they are doing and would like to offer our producers and their families more opportunity to be successful and abundant. 

Thank you for exploring the collaborative artwork that is Phoenix Rising Artists clothing!

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